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Notice Regarding Flying Disc

a)As per the rule Book (ABU ROBOCON 2017), the disc/Frisbee with a material Poly Urethane is required.

b)But, the Disc/ Frisbee manufactured by German Co. is of following specifications

·Material- Urethane Foam

·Weight- 40 gms (Approx)

·Contains high Porous with non uniformity in the dimensions with individual pieces.

c)Due to High Porous, following drawbacks are observed (as manufacturing defect)

·The weight reduced but uniform dimension is not possible.

·Also proper skin Packing is not possible

·The cost is not affordable to every participant to order no. of discs.

The authentic disc cost is Rs. 1200+ which is very high and beyond reach of many Indian teams. Also the supplier cannot supply required quantity for hosting the event.

d)To avoid these shortfalls, it is decided to use local manufactured discs/ Frisbees.

e)The specification of the local disc/ Frisbee as follows-

·Material used - Poly Urethane (as per ABU rule book)

· Weight -70 gms. (approx)

·Diameter- 25 Cms. (approx)

·Film Coating

·Uniform dimensions & skin packing possible.

·Cost reduced to - Rs. 650/ per disc (Inclusive of Taxes) (previous orders will be adjusted with this new rates)

f)Within the end of January, 2017 the manufacturer agreed to supply the discs/ Frisbees to the students participants first who will order & then the host will get the discs for the competition.

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