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Robocon India Committee Chief Patrons

  • Mr. Mukesh Sharma

    Additional Director General
    Doordarshan of India Worli, Mumbai
    Chairperson - ABU ROBOCON India 2016

  • Prof. Vishwanath D Karad

    Founder, Executive President and Director General
    Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Educational Research (MAEER)

Organizing Committee

  1. Mr. Mukesh Sharma

    Additional Director General,
    Doordarshan of India Worli, Mumbai

  2. Dr. Sunil Karad

    Executive Director – MIT Group of Institutions
    Chief Convener - ABU ROBOCON India 2016

  3. Miss. Sunita Bishikar

    Director Engineer, Doordarshan, Mumbai
    Convener - ABU ROBOCON India 2016

  4. Mr. Ravideep Mahajan

    Programme Officer,
    Doordarshan, India

  5. Dr. Milind Pande

    Director, MITSOT
    Convener - ABU ROBOCON India 2016

  6. Dr. Yogesh Bhalerao

    Director, MIT AOE, PUNE,
    Chief Co-ordinator - ABU ROBOCON India 2016

  7. Prof. Anant M Chakradeo

    Overall Judgement, Technical Direction

Judges Committee

  1. Dr. Yogesh Bhalerao

    MIT AOE, Pune
    Chief Coordinator - ABU ROBOCON India 2016

  2. Prof. Subir Kumar Saha

    IIT, Delhi, India

  3. Prof. Anant Chakradeo

    MIT IOD, Pune

  4. Prof. Susmit Sen

    IIT, Kanpur, India  

  5. Prof. Kavi Arya

    IIT, Mumbai, India

Working Committee

  1. Mr. Sandeep Sood

    Program Executive, Doordarshan, India

  2. Miss. Manisha Shete

    Engineer, Doordarshan, India

  3. Mr. Ashitosh Bhatnagar

    All India Radio, Prasar Bharati India

  4. Miss. Dolly Awati

    Manager, Public Relation, Mumbai, Doordarshan, India

  5. Prof. S M Bhagat

    (Coordinator - Registration Committee)

  6. Prof. N Murali

    (Coordinator - Game Field Committee)

  7. Prof. Vaishali Wangikar

    (Coordinator - Publicity and Press Committee)

  8. Prof. Satyajit Pangaonkar

    (Coordinator - Judges & Refrees Committee)

  9. Prof. Shitalkumar Jain

    (Coordinator - Doordarshan Liasoning Committee)

  10. Prof. Shubhangi Mahamuni

    (Coordinator - Technical Inspection Committee)

  11. Prof. Satish Kabra

    (Coordinator - Lighting and Sound System Committee)

  12. Prof. P D Ganjewar

    (Coordinator - Score Board Committee)

  13. Prof. Aniket Gundecha

    (Coordinator - Transportation Committee)

  14. Prof. Amol Kapse

    (Coordinator - Pit Area Committee)

  15. Dr. S. Nath

    (Coordinator - Felicitation Committee)

  16. Dr. S. S. Kulkarni

    (Coordinator - Stage & Anchoring Committee)

  17. Prof. Manesh Patil

    (Coordinator - Catering Committee)

  18. Prof. P. Hatte

    (Coordinator - Website & Printing Committee)

  19. Prof. Maya Charde

    (Coordinator - Invitation Committee)

  20. Prof. M. Senthilkumar

    (Coordinator - Sponsorship Committee)

  21. Prof. Mayura Kinikar

    (Coordinator - Cultural program / Band Committee)

  22. Prof. R Badre & Prof. N B Totla

    (Coordinator - Stage & Venue Decoration Committee)

  23. Mr. Manoj Bade

    (Coordinator - Overall Admin Committee)

  24. Ms. Vandana Khandelwal

    (Coordinator - Accommodation & Hospitality Committee)

  25. Mr. S K Baradkar

    (Coordinator - Housekeeping, Parking & Security Committee)

  26. Mr. M G Asmar

    (Coordinator -  Video & Photography Committee )

  27. Mrs. V C Kulkarni and Mr. Yogesh Bhagat

    (Coordinator - Accounts Committee)

  28. Mr. Abhijeet Malghe

    (Coordinator - Audience Management Committee)

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